Recently we have installed some dev machines using Windows 10 as the latest system by Microsoft. Since we’re using VMware ESXI 5.1, we wanted to use the vSphere client to access the VM host using this GUI. However, we ran into issues installing the vSphere setup to the brand new Windows 10 system.

The problem: You simply cannot get the client to install. At some point, the installer stops and you don’t see the window to show up anywhere on your desktop. If you check the window title in Task manager, it says something about contact your network administrator. While we could not fix this, we were able to hack it around, we extracted the prerequisities from the setup and run them on their own:

After these were installed (install .NET through add/remove programs, don’t try to download. You can try to download Visual J# from here), vSphere client was able to install as well. Hope this helps anybody facing the same problem!