Let us share with all of you what we have been working on lately! We are pretty excited, so let us talk a bit about this app and its features. It is called Dorsunator, a productivity tool that is designed for fast and painless data exchange between your devices and computers over the internet.


Instead of listing the features first, we would like to take the oppurtunity here to describe the problem we wanted solve with this. There are many-many ways to grab a piece of data (a link, a piece of text or an image) from a device and put it somewhere else where you need it. However, all of these methods suffer from the same problem: it is just not fast and simple enough to transfer a piece of data from A to B. You can send yourself emails, you can use google keep, you can upload files to your dropbox, etc. Still, when it comes to instantly transfer something, we did not find any of these methods a satisfactory (and fast) experience, especially when you want to get something out of your clipboard and put it to your other device’s clipboard.

Technically data synchronization is done through the internet, and while Dorsunator competitors tend to see this as a problem, we think this is a feature instead. Why? When we wanted to use an existing solution for this problem, devices could talk to each other using the local LAN only. However, from our own experiences we figured that sometimes devices cannot be on the same network (just a quick example: your laptop is on the corporate LAN but you still want to paste a screenshot from your phone there, which is on a free wi-fi or on 3G). Also, we found these device pairing procedures just too problematic, complex and slow. I just want to drop a piece of text or image very quickly, without any pain! Like right now, no pairing, no nothing. I want just my data :)

Dorsunator will be available on four different platforms as we wanted to cover all distributed clipboard scenarios: iOS version just have been approved, the same will be done soon for Android. Then we have an OS X version and finally, Windows. Everybody uses multiple devices and/or computers these days! You have a phone there, a tablet there, maybe a laptop and a desktop PC? We bet a lot of you do ;)


Note that we wanted Dorsunator to be a fully native experience on all platforms. While we could have made development time faster using Xamarin (maybe QT) or Apache Cordova, we said no to this. So, we used native iOS facilities to implement Dorsunator for Apple devices, a native Android solution for Google fans, OS X version will behave and look like you would expect from a native OS X application, and the same is true for the Windows version. This is pretty important to us!

If you are interested, just drop your mail in and subscribe to Dorsunator News at http://www.dorsunator.com and we will let you know when we are ready with our initial release. This will happen in 2-3 weeks! Check out the site as we put more and more content there as well as the Dorsunator blog, we launch it pretty soon.